Smartphone Free Childhood is a parent-led movement on a mission to protect millions of children from the dangers of using smartphones too young.

An accidental movement

In February 2024, friends Daisy and Clare set up a WhatsApp group to support each other in the decision to hold off on buying their kids smartphones. To their amazement, within 24 hours, thousands of other parents had joined the group after an Instagram post by Daisy about it went viral. 

The initial group quickly maxed out at 1000 members, so they encouraged people to set up local groups to build the conversation in their areas. Within hours over 60 Smartphone Free Childhood WhatsApp groups had launched the length and breadth of Britain, kicking off a national conversation about the harms of smartphones for children.

Building momentum for change

It soon became apparent that thousands – probably millions – of parents were desperate for something to change. So Daisy, Clare and Daisy's husband Joe set about turning Smartphone Free Childhood from a collection of WhatsApp groups into a national campaigning organisation.
The response has been nothing short of remarkable. 

In a matter of weeks we've already amassed a 60,000-strong engaged community of parents on our WhatsApp and Instagram channels, appeared across the national and international news media and been invited by Number 10 to discuss our growing movement.

Dr Jonathan Haidt - the world's leading voice in this space - has called Smartphone Free Childhood movement "the beginning of the global tipping point in the fight back against a phone-based childhood".

We’ve only just begun

The tidal wave of support we've received from parents from every walk of life has only strengthened our conviction that childhood and smartphones simply shouldn't mix.

We're now more determined than ever not only to provide solidarity and support for parents navigating these stormy seas, but to use the voice of our community to push for far tougher regulation on tech companies - and solve this problem for good.

Because we want this to be the last generation whose childhoods are lived through a smartphone.


Daisy Greenwell

An experienced journalist, Daisy spent ten years at The Times as a writer and commissioning editor. Since then she’s edited the renowned constructive journalism magazine Positive News and contributed to national news and features titles.

Clare Fernyhough

Clare is a business psychologist with a background in broadcast journalism at ITN and Channel 4. She’s now business psychologist - a role in which she uses psychology to achieve behaviour change in organisations.

Joe Ryrie

As the founder of a successful branding consultancy, Joe has a background in launching and building high profile consumer startups. An experienced strategist, creative director, investor and advisor to founders, he’s also Daisy’s husband :)

Together we’re powerful 
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