Changing the norm starts from the ground up, with people like you.

You can help us scale this movement’s impact nationally by starting hyperlocal conversations in school WhatsApp groups across the country. And by making a pledge not to give your child a smartphone until at least 14.

We would love you to:

1. Join your region’s WhatsApp group To be a part of the local conversation.

2. Start a Smartphone Free Childhood WhatsApp group for your school Invite other like-minded parents to get the conversation going in your community. 

Once you’ve got a group up and running in your school, here are some possible next steps:

🤝 Meet up with other members to talk about the problem and potential solutions for your school

👩‍🏫 Approach your school as a collective, and start the conversation with your headteachers

🏫 Suggest getting an independent expert to come and give a talk to parents at your school.

The most important next step of all is to keep talking about the issue  - keep sharing the message in your communities.

Let’s join forces to change the norm, and give our kids a smartphone free childhood.

Join the Smartphone Free Childhood movement

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