How can I introduce this on my class WhatsApp group?

The class WhatsApp can be a tricky place to bring up the issue of smartphones. Some parents have already got them for kids, and it can feel confronting.

The best approach is gentle, compassionate and non-judgemental.

Suggested message for your class WhatsApp group, but please do edit to use your own voice: 

Hi all, have you heard about this Smartphone Free Childhood movement of parents that has sprung up across the UK recently? 

I’ve been worrying about what it’s going to be like for [X] having a smartphone, and would love to find out what you all think. Is anybody up for meeting up to talk about it? 

It’s all about empowering parents to talk about this - and to change the norm so that we don’t feel like we all have to get one just because everyone else does. Lots of schools have started their own Smartphone Free school WhatsApp groups too. 

There’s lots more info on their website

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