97% of 12-year-olds in Britain have a smartphone.

When children started getting them, there was no research about their impact. Now there is, and it’s overwhelming.

Smartphones expose children to harmful content, raise the likelihood of developing a mental illness and are highly addictive. 

But parents have been put in an impossible position. 

Either we give our children access to something that opens the door to porn, bullying, grooming and the anxiety machine that is social media, or we risk alienating them from their peers.

Regulation hasn’t caught up with the technology, so it’s parents and children that lose out.

We started Smartphone Free Childhood to give power back to parents, and to kickstart the change society needs.

We’ve learned over time to restrict alcohol and smoking to certain age groups. Smartphones have been with us for barely 15 years, and now we know their effect, we need to act. 

Our mission 

We’re determined to turn the groundswell of public support we’ve already recieved into real change for our children and future generations. We’ll do it by:

🗣️ Growing the national conversation about the harms of smartphones for children.

👩‍🏫 Empowering parents and schools to create change at a local level.

👊 Putting pressure on government and tech companies to help us protect our children.

Just as we marvel at the fact cigarette companies used to market their products as healthy, people will look back on this era and ask why children weren’t protected from smartphones.

Let’s get together and change the norm.

Because childhood is too short to spend on a smartphone.  


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